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Therapy with Me


To bring ancestral knowledge and medicine healing back to my Black, Brown, Indigenous family so that our future generations stay rooted and learn to heal them self and each other.

Therapy with Me

Are you feeling disconnected with communty and are unsure of how to identify? Are you easily triggered by things your family members do that you know is unhealthy? *cough machismo and mariansmo. Do you feel guilty when setting boundaries with mama o papa? Are you trying to practice living authentically but it feels too scary so you resort to pleasing la familia instead? Are you trying to "do you" but feel pulled back by cultural and gender expecations? Unsure of how or where to start or what it looks like to live listening to your inner soul?

I help Black, Indigenous, Chicanx, Latinx people navigate first generation experiences, life transitions, physical and sexual trauma, generational and cultural differences (age, family roles, religion) and traumas. These sorts of life experiences can cause us anxiety, overwhelm, shame, self doubt, sadness, fears, and sometimes, even engaging in behaviors or relationships just to try and cope.

We identify the impact of your struggles so that you can recreate the narrative of your life and begin to walk in authenticity, self love, courage (no more oldest child roles or family pleasing duties!).

I will guide you through discovering your own healing. Because yes you already have it in you.

Youth Therapy with Me

I provide in person mental health support to children and adolescents that may be experiencing anxiety or sadness from trauma or life experiences and transitions.

Trauma is the impact (the left over I say) following a stressful experience. When working with youth, they are often unware that what they experienced could've had some left overs. Some have a difficult time identifying changes in themselves, let alone be able to communicate it.

In our sessions, I help youth learn about their emotions, identify body reactions, and learn self regulating tools.
When working with this population, I do include the parents in our work. This is discussed in our early sessions.

*virtual and in person may be available

Therapeutic Approaches

Our 55-60 minute sessions will embody a whole-istic and a variety of approaches individualized for you and what you are experiencing.

*Decolonial approach-always!
* Apapacho y cariño
* Psychodynamic Therapy
* Contemporary Narrative Therapy
* Thought Field Therapy (tapping)
* Xicanx Affirming Therapy
* Conscious Parenting
* Cognitive Behavior Therapy
* Mesoamerican Curanderismo
* Jungian Therapy
* Somatic Therapy
* Trauma Focused CBT
* Play Therapy


* Trauma: physical, sexual, religious, cultural, emotional
* Intergenerational trauma and patterns, issues, and trauma
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Life Transitions
* Non-religious spirituality
* BIPOC Women's Issues
* Adolescent mental health
* Growing up Brown
For many years, I saw and participated in institutions that failed BIPOC communities because they didn't incorporate our identities, our history, and our natural healing. I witnessed people live but were not present; their souls were absent yet tired. Mi alma cannot sit still knowing this continues to happen. Y pues, aqui estamos at Corazon Conversations and Therapy.
Andreina Zamudio
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapist
Reincarnated Ancestor
Andreina Zamudio, Licensed clinical social worker 94422
What you find on this website is for informative and marketing purposes only. This is not considered therapy nor does it entail a therapeutic relationship. .

My offerings and practice acknowledge and honor the first cuidadores of the Tongva land that I occupy today known as Long Beach, CA.

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