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Guiding mi raza back to our roots and into their authentic gifts using modern and ancestral knowledge.

Reclaiming & redefining mental health

Welcome to Corazon Conversations

Corazon Conversations is a mental health therapy practice spearheaded by Andreina Zamudio, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. It is a space where we heal from the generational traumas and hardships our familias and antepasados carried. We acknowledge our ancestors and ourselves, reclaim our ancestral medicine and redefine what mental health looks like in our familias today. It is where we come back to our roots by using both de aqui, modern/western knowledge y medicina y knowledge de alla.

Andreina Zamudio (she/ella)

I am a proud first generation, Brown-Chicana, mental health professional and energy worker. Una consejera del alma, mente, corazon. My Mexica ancestors have lead me to be that in this lifetime. A modern day healer, using mi palabra as my medicine offering.

My first language is Spanish and my second is Spanglish. Los antepasados de parte de mi apa son de la cuidad de Mexico y Zacatecas y Michoacan de parte de mi mama chula.

I am here to service mi gente, to help break generational traumatic/unhealthy cycles while emphasizing the beauty in being and growing up Brown and POC.

I help first or second generation Brown, Latine, Chicane folks identify the impact of cultural and generational trauma in their family and current relationships so that they can recreate the narrative of their life and begin to walk in authenticity (no more oldest child role or family pleasing duties!).

Education & Wisdom

The education and wisdom I bring to our work together include teachings from past clients, families, professionals in the field; my own living experiences as a first generation, youngest daughter, Brown-Chicana career women; teachings and readings of shaman’s, Mexica curanderx’s, healers; dads, mamas, tias and abuelas; and of course western education and academics.

Most of all I bring to you my own experiences, I pleased others and only felt important if I did things the way family has done it, porque haci se hace. Even regarding religion. I have felt confused about and minimized my own Don because it was not traditional to my lineage or even "socially" approved. I bring to you a lifetime of experiences and conocimiento so that you can feel the freedom of living freely in authenticity.

My Offerings



Energy Healing

The way that we care for our spirit, and the life decisions that we make either consiously or unconsciously, are what determine whether we have. a healthy or unhealthy relationship with self, family, community and all living things.
- Elena Avila R.N., MSN
Curandera Women Who Glows In The Dark


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What you find on this website is for informative and marketing purposes only. This is not considered therapy nor does it entail a therapeutic relationship. .

My offerings and practice acknowledge and honor the first cuidadores of the Tongva land that I occupy today known as Long Beach, CA.

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