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Andreina Zamudio, LCSW 94422
Licensed Clinical Social worker
Holy Fire III Reiki Practioner

Hola hola y welcome!

I am Andreina Zamudio, Licensed Clinical Social Worker CA 94422. I am a bilingual psychotherapist and consejera del alma y corazon. I created this space, Corazon Conversations and Therapy with the vision of helping BIPOC reclaim their roots and strengths. This vision grew after personally experiencing and witnessing the impact that the systems we engage in on a daily basis has on our body, mind and social wellbeing. For many years, I saw and participated in institutions that failed BIPOC communities because they didn't incorporate our identities, our history, and our natural healing. I witnessed people live but were not present; their souls were absent yet tired. Mi alma cannot sit still knowing this continues to happen. Y pues, aqui estamos.

Andreina Zamudio (she/ella)

Our work together in therapy will embrace all the parts that make you, we will learn to navigate what your current struggles are, and you’ll become the expert of your own mind and body even more. You are not just going to cope with the struggles, you will have a deeper mind, body, and soul connection with yourself and will find courage, slowness, and embracement in your life y corazon.

I help Black, Indigenous, Chicanx, Latinx people navigate first generation experiences, life transitions, physical and sexual trauma, generational and cultural differences (age, family roles, religion) and traumas. These sorts of life experiences can cause us anxiety, overwhelm, shame, self doubt, sadness, fears, and sometimes, even engaging in behaviors or relationships just to try and cope.

I also help children and adolescents. My Master of Social Work and over 10 year mental health experience is specialized in child and adolescent mental health. I provide in person mental health support to children and adolescents that experience anxiety or depression from trauma or life experiences and transitions. When working with this population, I do include the parents in our therapy work.

Education & Wisdom

My higher level education began at Long Beach City College where I received an Associates Degree in Human Services. I then transferred to Cal State University, Long Beach where I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, and finally my Master of Social Work specializing in child and family wellbeing and a Pupil Personnel Service and Attendance school credential.

What school didn't teach and is the most important part of our work together is the wisdom and teachings I have accrued from working with past clients, families, professionals in the field; my own living experiences as a first generation, youngest daughter, Brown-Chicana career women; teachings and wisdom of shaman’s, Mexica curanderx’s, healers; dads, mamas, tias and abuelas.

I also bring in the teachings of Holy Fire III Reiki. I have been guided and energetically attuned to faciliate energies in the most purest way using and natural universal light and medicina. I teach folks about their own energies and how to practice self healing. During a reiki healing session, your chakras are cleared and reenergized using Holy Fire III Reiki and Mexica limpia practices.

My Offerings



Energy Therapy

The way that we care for our spirit, and the life decisions that we make either consiously or unconsciously, are what determine whether we have. a healthy or unhealthy relationship with self, family, community and all living things.
- Elena Avila R.N., MSN
Curandera Women Who Glows In The Dark


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Andreina Zamudio, Licensed clinical social worker 94422
What you find on this website is for informative and marketing purposes only. This is not considered therapy nor does it entail a therapeutic relationship. .

My offerings and practice acknowledge and honor the first cuidadores of the Tongva land that I occupy today known as Long Beach, CA.

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